Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My best friends in Ensenada

Preceded by lunch at a coffee shop, a no drug purchasing memorandum, and followed by a walk through the stinky fish market, contemplation over buying a dog, and best taco stand in baja. Good times.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adventures Con Mi Familia

Formal night on the cruise ship. Hold on girls, its waiter time! This is much more significant when you have seen the sign that says Sacramento 3073 in Ocean City, MD. I have seen the MD sign countless times, and this one only once.
Best pizza and SD. (But really people go for the hot chicks.)

Oh, I haven't invited you to our park yet, have I ?

Mexican Rooster Attacks American Tourist

Shortly after waking up this morning, I headed over the the barnyard animal enclosure to talk to the animals. They were very loud and this rooster was sitting up on the fence, so I touched it and it did not like it at all. It poofed up and ki-ki-ri-ci called at me. I left to see my sister and tell her goodbye and also tel tell her that I touched a rooster, and when I went back, I was walking along and it walked right up to me and scratched me in the leg. Then I took this video, where you can see it flying at me. Shortly after this incidence I decided to leave it alone completely and was taking pictures of the baby chicks, when to my surprise it did a sneak attack and flew up scratched, and pecked me in the back of the leg. I am scared for life. So my friends, if people question whether or not the violence in Baja Mexico is real, I can attest that it truly is real. Poultry real!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

And still going...

I have beenon a cruise and then in San Fran for a few days (above), and tomorrow am headed down to Baja to see Jare at the Orphanage. This has been a long vacation and great time with my sister. I have to go to work right now, but more later.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patty's Weekend

I suggested that we make Reuben Sandwiches in honor of the holiday and my Irish heritage. My name is Bonny O'Neill you know, and it doesn't get anymore Irish sounding that that. But since all my sister has been talking about for the last week is corned beef and cabbage, so I thought we'd try a veg version of that, and we did, and it was pretty yummy. Unfortunately the picture above is not my own, but it comes from the website where I got the recipe..It seems like it could be good with real beef too...

Thankfully this year good Catholics will not have to worry about all the discrepancy that comes when St. Patty's day is on a Friday during Lent, and they are not supposed to eat meat. I believe that although that article only talks about the archbishop of Atlanta saying it was okay to eat corned beef on the holiday, I think I have heard something about the Pope himself saying it was okay to eat... I am not Catholic, so I don't have that problem...

One of my favorite things about the holiday and this dish in particular is that it was the last thing that my mom ate before she went into labor with my little sister who was born March, 18th 1987...

I hope that you all particularly green Tuesdays and have some Irish stout to celebrate.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'll follow you into the dark...

Taken on Assateague Island a few days after Christmas 2008...

Friday, March 6, 2009

My internet addiction is not porn...

I realize it's been several weeks of not blogging. I have been busy people.

Last few weeks included

  • Waiting for my sister to arrive
  • Finishing up every assignment that I have for school besides the ones that have to wait until finals week
  • Trying to figure out how to pay for school next year, and getting some good feedback
  • Seeing a friend I haven't gotten to see regularly for years on an almost daily basis
  • Doing a "homeless ministry", witnessing a fake seizure, and buying hand sanitizer after holding hands with a man who insisted on praying for us
  • Having a bed made up with fresh rose petals
  • Working at a citizenship fair and helping 40 people complete their applications
  • Dreaming in Spanish
  • Planning a cruise for that I am going on with my family in two weeks from tomorrow
  • Buying my plane ticket from LA to Spain to Dublin and back
  • Feeling really good because I have so much free time on my hands (if only I had free money as well)
  • Becoming totally addicted to shopping for travel on the Internet

Yep. I am completely addicted to expedia, priceline, kayak, cheaptickets, carnival, you name it, and I have probably spent a few hours on it. If only I had the motivation to research school funding as much as I did trips that I might never get the chance to take....

So the next few weeks include a cruise to Mexico, a trip to San Fran, and a trip to Baja Mexico to a much anticipated orphanage where Jare is, and eventually I will be spending my third Easter weekend in Julian with David, and you know what that means? Apple pie, delicious food, lots of birds (including turkeys), and Friends. Wooohhoooo.

Looking forward to breezing through the rest of the quarter and enjoy mi hermanita mucho.