Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mexican Rooster Attacks American Tourist

Shortly after waking up this morning, I headed over the the barnyard animal enclosure to talk to the animals. They were very loud and this rooster was sitting up on the fence, so I touched it and it did not like it at all. It poofed up and ki-ki-ri-ci called at me. I left to see my sister and tell her goodbye and also tel tell her that I touched a rooster, and when I went back, I was walking along and it walked right up to me and scratched me in the leg. Then I took this video, where you can see it flying at me. Shortly after this incidence I decided to leave it alone completely and was taking pictures of the baby chicks, when to my surprise it did a sneak attack and flew up scratched, and pecked me in the back of the leg. I am scared for life. So my friends, if people question whether or not the violence in Baja Mexico is real, I can attest that it truly is real. Poultry real!

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Valerie Geary said...

this made me laugh ridiculously hard! I'm not sure what was funnier: 1. the way the rooster was eyeing you with bloodlust
2. the goat/sheep in the background
3. or the fact that you reached out to try and pet a rooster!
Thank you for a perfect way to start my Monday morning