Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Things that Fall by the Wayside

Since I started school 8 weeks ago several things in my life have fallen by the wayside.
Two things that I miss very much include reading for pleasure and taking pictures.
I have maintained a limited social life, and mostly cram all of my school work into the weekdays so I can have relaxing Fridays-Sunday afternoons (at which point I resume work again.)

I am actually a teeny tiny bit ahead of the game since one of my generous professors reduced a class requirement that takes hours a week in order to allow people to have more time to spend on their papers during the last two weeks of school. Because I am a nerd, and because I like to be proactive and not put things off until the last minute, I have completed a great deal of this paper, leaving me with a small amount of time on my hands, which is nice.

I have certainly had my complaints about the program and UCI, but this is what I asked for isn't it? As I was studying for a final exam I have in class tomorrow and as the concepts started sort of gelling together, I realized that I like being a scholar and understanding new concepts because it makes me feel like I can utilize some of restless brain power. I love when the conclusion of studying for a test makes me feel as though I have really learned something. And because of that I am a nerd.

So I know that my blogging has somewhat gone by the wayside as grad school kicked in, but it's okay because in some form I am 'living the dream.' = )

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