Friday, October 17, 2008

Intolerant of intolerance...

I am pretty embarrassed of how emotion and angry I have gotten lately over Proposition 8. I think that I am mainky ashamed because I feel like reacting in an overly angry way because in some ways I feel that this puts me in the 'warring' mode that the people I am opposed to seem to be.

But really when I see bumper stickers or signs or when someone mentions that they plan on voting yes, my blood boils and I have to take several deep breaths and try to calm down.

At the heart I feel that is a civil rights issue and that by not allowing same sex couples to get married we are denying them of a basic civil right that other adults who are straight have. I think in a few more decades we will look back on this issue and see that our current treatment of homosexuals (as implied by the propositon proposal) is similar to the way we treated african americans several decades ago. Maybe some people will just think that's rhetoric, but I really think this proposition implies separate treatment that is not equal.

I get so frustrated by the fact that the church feels that this should be a public law enforced issue. I don't think that they shouldn't be able to impose their moral codes on their own members, but to try and make the general public be accountable to their faith's morality just seems like a too much to ask.

But I don't think itls really something anyone would want to get me started on... I just needed to vent a little.


Kathy Quick, UCI said...

I'm not sure why you should be embarassed by this. If you find yourself surprised by your level of moral indignation - that is, if you do not commonly find yourself in this state - I think you should honor that. Great things have been accomplished by people with the courage of this strength of conviction. I'd say that in any case, but I also happen to agree with you.

catbonny said...

Yeah, I guess I just wish that it didn't stir up so much anger in me that I seemed unable to hear the other side at all. One thing I hate about politics is the fact that we often face partisan issues and most of the time on side is not willing to listen to the other side at all.

I don't think that's the same thing as what I am talk about. I think Prop 8 is wrong, disgusting, and something that should rightly make me angry. I just don't feel calm enough to discuss it with others who oppose me because it does make me so angry. I am not ashamed of the anger, I am just scare of my emotion taking over where rationality does, and by letting anger rule my or dictate my actions.