Monday, October 6, 2008

Talking to yourself

So the other day when I was in Trader Joe's I noticed that like four people around me were talking on their blue tooth headsets, which I think, makes them look like they are talking to themselves.

When I was checking out I said something to the cashier to the effect that it must be weird to be servicing all of these people who just seemed to be talking to themselves. When he didn't say anything I got a little bit self-conscious and said that maybe I just couldn't get used to it.

He never responded to what I was saying at all. He just gave me my bag and told me thanks and have a good night.

As I walked out I wondered if he didn't agree with me or if he just thought I had been talking to someone on my own bluetooth the whole time I was checking out and that's why he didn't respond.

Hmm. If nothing else I laughed while entertaining the thought.

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John (with an h) said...

I'm mourning the death of movie shorthand for "crazy person."