Monday, October 13, 2008


My screenname isn't catbonny for nothing. I am 110% a cat lover, and can remember being one since I was in diapers. (I literally have a picture of myself tackling a cat while I was still in a diaper.)

We had cats for a little while when I was little, but when my father was out of the picture we didn't have any more cats until I adopted a neighborhood stray that has been with us (or is still with my mom) for about 8 years now. She started as an outdoor cat, and became more accustomed to the house, and then got a litter box, and now that my sister and I do not live here I am pretty sure she has the run of the house.

The ironic part of the whole cat situation is that I am also extremely allergic. I went to spend the last weekend in SD with D and spent the whole time sneezing, blowing my noes, and rubbing my eyes or taking benadyrl and getting all stoned on it...

And yet, I really think I can take the allergies because of how much I love them. Also, I tend to build up immunity to them after I live with them for a while. I just think it's silly that I have been so attracted to them for so long, and that my body goes crazy when it exposed to their dander and hair. It's kind of sad, and makes me wonder what it will be like when D and I get a cat in a small apartment or house some day and it will make me all sneezy all the time...

I still pick them up, kiss them, and cuddle them in bed, but man do they make me feel sick.


Valerie Geary said...

are there any cats out there (other than the hairless ones) that are hypoallergenic? you know... how poodles don't cause allergies? Are there cat poodles? Maybe you could get one of those....or a baby lion

JARILYN said...

i kinda second the lion idea to be honest.
bagheera made you sick once. and it broke my heart for the both of you. :(
they might have cat poodles though, so there's hope.