Thursday, April 3, 2008

6 Days of My Life are Gone

In other words, I just finished watching the Season 6 of the show 24. I said I was done after the last season, but rented a DVD last week and went for it. I have been in a DVD coma for about two weeks now, so not that I am done maybe I will move on to a book. I honestly need something cleansing after spending that much time in front of the tube.

I am generally not a TV person- that is to say- not anymore. We don't have cable and I can't tell you the last time I turned on the TV to flip through the static-y channels. I do I watch the Office and Grey's Anatomy (1.5 hours per week) consistently, but other than that TV doesn't really phase me. I flip it on sometimes at D's house sometimes because it is a novelty, and tend to see about 2 movies in theaters a month. I also am pretty consistent about watching Project Runway on DVD and last year downloaded This American Life to watch on some plane rides.

I have to say that there is nothing about the show 24 that upholds my values. It's pretty violent, and multiple people are killed in every episode, and it very strongly stereotypes an Islamic hatred of America and the fact that many terrorist attacks come out of it. (Although this time Russia and China were involved.) I guess this season it dealt with some pretty hot political issues regarding the imprisonment of Middle Eastern and Muslim Americans in illegal holding camps. They were held without warrant, without due cause, or proper arrest procedures. So I guess the Fox producers of the show allowed that to be showcased and reflected upon, but beyond that it kind of falls into a violent soap opera (HT to David for that term). American once again, with their rogue agent, Jack Bauer, who never dies but is shot several times a season, or dies and comes back to life, saves the country. He has managed to save his life along with America for 6 Seasons now- each season is only one day long, but have spanned over at least 12 years (because I am pretty sure there have been three terms of presidents.) I am convinced he is some sort of super-hero or maybe just the quintessential bad-ass American patriot who defends his country with honor and killing after killing after killing. (I am Quaker for God's sake, can you believe I am watching this show? It kind of makes me slightly sick to think that I enjoy it so much, and even though I could swear off the next season right now, will probably wind up watching it at some point.)

So I spilled my guts. I have guilty pleasures that result in utter wastes of time. TV is so freakin' draining. Can anyone is explains that? It literally drains me to lay on the couch and watch 3 hours of TV. I feel like every now and then, between episodes I surface from my TV coma and wonder what the hell I am doing, but this thing called 24 certainly is like a drug. You can't have just one. You always want more And even though you know it is wasting you away you continue to partake. Lovely. =)

Oh yeah, and speaking of drugs today equals 3 weeks without nicotine. It's still kind of hard on certain days and I have to admit that I almost broke tonight, but I figured that since I had a television show controlling me at this time, I don't need something else doing it as well. No, but really it has been a hard habit to break, but I am proud of myself and will continue to try and be strong.

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