Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Zen and the Art of Un-Jamming the Copy Machine

This morning I got to work and the copy machine was jammed. So I tried to unjam it, but in the process is poked me in the arm, and I hit it really hard. I proceeded to to the normal un-jamming process and it didn't work, so I slammed it really hard and called it a piece of shit because my arm hurt and there is NO jammed paper in there that I can see.

I definitely took the frustrations of really not liking my job out on the machine, and thought that maybe I could possibly stand to chill out a little bit. What do you think?

So now I am focusing on the fact that I have Friday off and that my little sister's radio show comes on in less than 5 minutes, and that it's pretty funny because as Jare said usually people hit the copy machine because it's not working not because it hit them first. =)

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