Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I want one mom.

So David has tried to convince me over and over again that you cannot have a lion cub for a pet, but you just look at these pictures and these faces and tell me they don't look cuddly enough to offer them a space at the foot of your bed.
Seriously though, if there was ever a time to visit the Wild Animal Park it is right now. There are 7, yes I said 7, baby lion cubs. David and I drove down with the main purpose being me intense desire to see these kitties.
I would say I watched them for upwards of a half and hour and that David is the best person to take anywhere because he is never like asks to keep going or to hurry up or anything. He has so much more patience than I do, and he allowed me to have a very leisurely time with the little baby lions.
I cannot wait to take my mom in a few weeks.

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Valerie said...

I love lions! Thank you for sharing your pictures! I want to snuggle my face in their fur!