Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Friend speaking my mind.

I feel like my friends have experienced and overwhelming amount of trouble in this past weeks...

Jana's post has been all too helpful to processing all of the grief, hurt, sickness, and change that has occurred in lives around me. I like her take on blogging and interpreting the things that 'have to be done in life'. I feel like my blogging tends towards celebrating and lamenting certain events/people/experiences in my life. It's like every few days I get to remind myself and others of my existence by showing them pictures of my life and sharing brief funny snippets or long scattered thoughts.

I'd like to make everyone around me feel whole and healthy, but instead I think I will just encourage them make peace with their daily struggles and to get through the things that we have to do, and that we unfortunately have to go through during rough patches in life.

I wish I could say it was well as Jana did, but I feel really drained, and just very thankful that friends like her speak into my life when I need it most. It is so refreshing to hear the thoughts of others and to know that they are working just as hard as you to interpret the events in their day to day life and their day to day struggles. (And joys)

I lack much insight right now. I feel overwhelmingly happy and centered in my own life position, and I am oh so grateful that life is that way at moment, and at the same time I feel a little but off kilter because I see the world shaking for so many people around me.

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