Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Gifts I am Enjoying or Have Enjoyed (Some of Them a Little Too Much)

  • A Super Soft Alpaca Scarf (from my Momma)- It's black, so it goes with anything.

  • The Dark Materials Trilogy (from David)- I just finished the 2nd book this morning, and am admittedly hooked. I have been told I will be unsatisfied with the 3rd, but I am having a hard time believing that as of yet.

  • A gift certificate to my most sacred spot ever Alta (from the Remy family)- Sunday night dinner was spent with my AJ and my Jare under a big umbrella on the patio when it was raining and the waitress was getting annoyed because we asked her to come out in the rain. Also, I asked Tess if she had opened the store on Christmas Eve to sell of gift certificate to JR and he said yes and then felt like it was completely worth is when she knew it was for me.

  • Trader Joe's Giftcards (From Arnie and My Uncle)- Can I just say praise to those who provided my groceries. Tonight D is going to reap the benefit of these groceries, while I make him with the

  • New Mini Food Processor (from D) - which helped me to make lasagna and tonight is going help me to make my first ever homemade Pesto. (Yum!)

  • Guitar Hero for the Wii (from Jare and AJ)- I think they have enjoyed it just as much as me. I sucked at first, but last night I conquered Slash from Guns and Roses (on easy), and was really proud of myself. The only problem is that this game can totally consume not only hours, but also days of your time- which means I have to be really careful.

I know Christmas is not about gifts, but I certainly find it fun to give them and to receive them. I feel really blessed by all the people in my life who thought about me this past Christmas. I think that their love and relationships are the best things of all, but the presents have also been really fun.

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