Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Weekend is Over...Too Soon

  • I am imploring anyone who read this to see The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as soon as you get a chance. It is probably the best movie I have seen in several years, and one the most beautiful movies I have ever seen in my life. I'd like to see it again, because I feel so moved by it that I want to be moved some more
  • David and I ate at a Korean Tofu house last night and while I don't think that we will be going back again anytime soon (unless we find someone who is more experienced in this genre) it was definitely a dining experience that I will not soon forget. Call me naive, but I thought that it would be pretty much all tofu and while I recognized that it was not as soon as we got there, I was unhappy to see red meat floating in my soup. I ate it anyway, but tried to skip the meat chunks and the shrimp in their shells with eyes still on their head. I was not grossed out by anything, but really enjoyed coldstone after the meal.
  • I talked about sex freely and openly with a really good friend, and somehow this is always very invigorating and freeing. I guess it's just good to know that other people have sex and it doesn't have to be so taboo and difficult to speak of.
  • I made banana pancakes and they were awesome. I told David that good pancakes are like a little miracle because I would say that 2 out of five times I make them they are really awful. But these were really good, and I know that because David told me so.
  • In the Quaker meeting I meditated in relationships. I thought a lot about D and I and how being in a relationship can sometimes be exciting and new and fresh but some of the best times are just being bored and lazy and relaxed with someone while they do their thing and you do yours.
  • In Meeting I also thought about all the older people in the meeting and how I really hope that when I am there age I have just as good of stories and adventures to tell and talk about.
  • I made another crock pot full of Chili because the last one disappeared too fast.
  • I went on a long refreshing walk on the Santiago Canyon Wash Trail. I think that's the name of it. I call it the canyon trail, but D says that its not a canyon, but I kind of think it is a little bit. It was really chilly in the shadow of the hill on the way back, and unlike the last time we saw NO lizards. Just one bunny rabbit and many birds.

Next weekend will have little tidbits to share, as I am going to Portland- the place where I envision myself someday. I am excited for the trip and the adventures I will have there.

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Valerie said...

First... Sex should remain taboo. I never have sex. ; ) Hah!
Second... will you make me banana pancakes so I can listen to Jack Johnson and pretend that it's the weekend?
Third... you are on a plane right now flying to see me!! Chloe is taking a nap so she will be all rested up for your arrival!