Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today is the official deadline for my graduate applications to
1. UCI- first choice
3. Portland State
4. University of Texas at Austin

In another month I will have the University of Montana due, and because the deadline for everything else is so late, I am waiting to hear from the first four (and for D to hear from his) and holding out any additional application fees for schools that I would be satisfied with, but are not my first choice.

You should understand that when it comes to deadlines I tend to be early. I sent everything away at least a month ago, except my GRE scores, which should be there by now. I had a mini freak out an decided to send them all copies of the GRE scores at the last minute.

I feel better when things are done very early and I have some time to relax. Working up until the last minute tends to cause me to panic and not be able to perform as well.

And I know that a lot of people work well under pressure.

Anyway, all this to say- I feel very proud of myself for deciding to apply to these places and charging through the whole application process in my spare time. I am proud because I believe that I completed them to the best of my ability, and because I committed to completing it, and then actually did it. I am proud because unlike getting a teaching credential at Vanguard, this is NOT an easy answer- it actually required a lot of time, research, and contemplation.

So from now until I start hearing from them, please keep your fingers crossed for me. (And also D) Hold us in the light, and send us your prayers. Whatever it is you do- we could use some.

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