Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Hearts Day! (Almost)

I told David that this year the rule for Valentine's gifts was that they had to be handmade and cost less than $20.00 to make. Last year I think that he went a little bit overboard- I am NOT complaining in the slightest. He gave me a board game, but my absolute favorite thing was the box that had 30 hand written dates in it. I think that we did a few of them. I still have it, and should bust it out in the near future. He also got me a housecleaner for a day because I was always stressed about my house being dirty. They were all super sweet.

I have to say that I love, love, love the gift I made for D last night, and I am really excited to give it to him because they are funny, creative, and useful. I will have to ask him if I can reveal what they are after I give them to him. I really want to take pictures and post them, but I am not sure if he would be down with that.

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