Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Life and Times of a 24 year old.

Yep. Now I am 24. (And by the way I had a very nice Birthday and was showered by fun gifts, lots of friends, and even a song just for me)

I'd like to say something very profound about politics and the election, but I just feel nervous about it at this point, and that is none too elegant of a thing. I voted a week ago at the early voting at John Wayne Airport. I voted for Obama and even though I don't love her all that much, I have to say that if Hillary wins it would not be my first choice, but I just want a Dem in office. (I am sorry to sound partisan)

Also yesterday I lost my ipod. Also not very profound but it just sucks and I am very unhappy with myself for doing it.

I think that's all, I just wanted to say I alive, 24, voted, and lost my ipod.

Maybe tomorrow I will be more inspired.

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JohnR said...

Oh noes! The ipod!

My condolences. :(