Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Weekend- Good, Bad, and the Ugly


  • In the spirit of Lent we went to a Lenten Fish Bake on Friday. I am not going to say that food was great, but I was just enchanted by the whole old people church fundraiser thing. I am a people watcher, so this event was great. We sat at a table by ourselves and no one joined us, but it reminded me of the Eastern Shore and being at a local event. Also, as the link indicates they are happening almost every Friday until Easter, so let me know if you want to go to one with me sometime.
  • Beating David at Ticket to Ride TWICE.
  • Lunch at Gypsy Den after the meeting. I love GD in Santa Ana. They even have beer on tap there.


  • Headache. I have started to realize that I almost always have a headache and nausea on Sunday nights. I think that this means I don't drink enough water on the weekends, and I should try to remedy this.
  • The slow cooker ziti I made from my new cook book. The sauce was made from wine, diced tomatoes, basil, and textured vegetable protein. I thought it was gross, so I poured half a can of TJ's organic sauce it, and it turned out okay- but I am not using that recipe again.


  • The movie Teeth. It is based on the myth of Vagina Dentata- which is a biting fish in the female.. well I will just let you read more here. Anyway I thought this movie was going to be more about repressed sexual desires in Christian teens, but really it was just a lot of severed... again, I am not going to go there. It was yucky!
  • A vacuum I bought on craigslist. Can I say gross? The people who I bought it from said it was in perfect working condition and then when I used it is spewed dust ALL over my floor. I was pretty annoyed because they charged 20 dollars for it, and it was making my house dirtier than before. After I took a break from it, D and I discovered that the suction tube was completely packed with at least a foot worth of compacted yuckiness. We cleaned it out with chopsticks and an ice pick got got out a sink full of compacted carpet fiber, and what looked like stuffed animal filling. (Thank God it didn't smell and was not hair.) This took us about an hour and half, and was gross and sweaty, and even though the vacuum worked after, it was still really nasty and I emailed the people and told them I wanted my money back. YUCK!

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Jare said...

Happy V day. i'm glad you will be one of my valentine's! because i love you tremendously, and you make me cinnamon rolls with pink frosting. :)