Sunday, May 18, 2008

Word of the Day:Sweat

Actually, more like word of the weekend. I think that the temperature in the area hovered around 90 this weekend.

The hottest I felt this weekend was this morning at we sat on the down in the meeting room with about 30 other people with no air conditioning. Being on the third story, with so many people, and no moving air was a little bit brutal. I watched David wipe sweat from his brow for the duration of the meeting. After the meeting he said he tried to cool his core temperature through meditation, and we figured out we should actually raise our core temperatures, so that the 90 degree around us felt cooler.

Yesterday I took a bath for about 1.5 hours to cool down.

The beach is packed and the summer seems to be here. It was exactly pleasant this weekend, but I am definitely ready for summer to be here.

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