Saturday, May 31, 2008

In Flux

In the past week I have been dealing with the fact that things change in life, and sometimes they change fast and we have to just roll with it, which can be less easy than it sounds, but also not as harder as we normally think.

I few weeks ago my best friend told me that she was almost certainly moving to New York. Since she also happens to be my roommate, this is a slightly big deal. But more so because she is my best friend and I will just miss her.

And on Wednesday D found out that he got a space in the MFA program at San Diego State University (which I am so proud of him for), and of course that means that my love is going to be moving away as well.

I think I am just amazed by how quickly things can change and how quickly we can be jolted out of out comfortable and happy lives and how we have to adapt and adjust rather quickly. It makes me think about kids who grow up to fast because of their parental circumstances, but I guess that I can at least be thankful than now I am just an adult who has to grow up quickly- but who generally has the skills and attributes necessary to adapt when things change quickly.

So I took a mental health (sick day yesterday) and it was a good time to think about things and resolve myself to current changes and to really think about the positive things that can come out of them.

I am really excited for David and I feel secure enough in our relationship that I think this is going to really good for us. But at the same time fast changes kind of suck a little bit.

Oh yeah, and David told me that when he moves to San Diego we can have annual passes to both Sea World and the Zoo and can go there everyday- which means I am the winner in the end!

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