Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How do you love?

The way that I generally express my love towards someone is to take care of them. For example I love to cook for people- I absolutely love making dinner for D. I also really like to buy little gifts for people when they make me think of them or I know it's something they would absolutely want. I like giving back rubs and writing cards, but more the actual aspect of giving or making or helping with a task is how I show love.

It's funny how everyone shows their love differently. I am not sure exactly how D shows his love in a way that I can classify it as well as myself, but he is more of a physical person when it comes to love. He likes lots of hugs and kisses, and I usually want to make dinner before I give him tons of hugs and kisses, because dinner seems to be more important for me. I know he shows me love be listening to me and sharing his intellect with me. He is not so much into gift giving or receiving as I am, but he is starting to accept it more and more I guess.

Anyway, even though I had a gorgeous time in Julian this past weekend I was also extremely moody and off balance and cried a lot more than normal. I don't know if it was hormonal or what, but it just kind of sucked and then yesterday I had a sucky visit to the DR. because they were out of the medicine I went there to get in the first place, and they gave me a shot which the nurse told me afterwards would cause me to be achy and feverish for up to two weeks.

D seeing all of this, called me at work and asked me if he could take me out to dinner (like a date). I said okay. When I arrived at home he had flowers, and a gift for me. I asked him why he had gotten them for me, and he said that he knew I had a rough few days and that he knew that I like to receive gifts and be taken out to dinner, and he wanted to to something nice for me to show me how much he appreciated and loved me.

Maybe it's not a huge deal, but it seemed like a huge deal because he is starting to learn my love language too. Like tonight we are going to a discussion group and I said I would come over to his house, we'd grab some dinner and then go, and he told me he'd cook for me because he knows how much I like it when he makes me dinner. (Which is totally true.)

I feel very special, and loved, and supported by him right now, and today has been a really great day. I have thought about last night several times and it made me smile all day long.

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