Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vegan Corned-Beef and Cabbage?

I am not making Vegetarian Beef and Cabbage, but I am celebrating St. Patty's Day by making a Guinness themed, Vegetarian Irish meal tomorrow night. The menu includes

I am excited about making all of this, but I also get kind of nervous when I make new things. I am wondering how strong the cake is going to taste of Whiskey. Also, generally I make vegan recipes with non-vegan products like real butter and milk and eggs. I am not a vegan and I figure that generally speaking real butter is better than fake butter.

We'll see how this Irish feast goes. My name is pretty Irish so you have to give me that. One the same hand, I cannot really drink beer like an Irishman (woman). I wish I could.

P.S. My mom always said that it was the corned-beef and cabbage that put her into labor with my sister, who was born on march 18th, 1987. I actually just remember that.

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