Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Break Room Fou Paux

Let me start out my post by saying how much I love my job. (Sarcasm intended)

So I walk in to the breakroom for lunch, and there is an almost gone pizza. Generally at my office pizza in the breakroom on the table without anyone in there means that someone had a meeting and didn't finish it and now it's a free for all.

So I say 'Can I have a piece of pizza? Whose pizza is this?'

And I get this weird answer that was like 'Well yeah, I guess. W paid for most of it, but umm..'

Out of embarrassment I am just like 'Oh I don't need to eat pizza anyway' (Which is true)

But it make me feel like an awkward food scavenger in my office.

We just don't have the relationships here where were share stuff with other people.
(Can't wait until school starts)

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