Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend High Points

  • Sweet Basil Cafe for lunch with Jare. Feeling so fortunate that we have had several occasions that we have been able to just sit down and talk for a few hours lately. This has been such a blessing for me in the midst of the crazy life. I missed long hours of talking and it's good to have had so many lately.
  • Seeing The Visitor with David because it was a really good movie and made a political commentary while being very subtle and undramatic. It was a great movie, and I would recommend going to see it while it's still in theaters.
  • The Super Heroes party, which was only complete with Pina Coladas (some virgin), Margaritas (too sour), and Issac's awesome White Russians with Fat Free half and half. I think I drank quite a few drinks, but never felt anywhere near tipsy. It was definitely a night of highly sugared drinks. Yum.
  • Corn-hominy chowder. I was proud of that creation.
  • Seeing friends I haven't seen for a while, and having a living room FULL of people makes my house feel like my home.
  • Breakfast at Alta. My choice was breakfast at alta or a shower and I picked breakfast which meant that I went to meeting with a baseball cap and contact lenses, and no one recognized me at all.
  • David rubbing my back tenderly because yesterday (and today in fact) it was in spasm and was really really hurting.
  • The kids in the First Day school were fun yesterday. Our lesson wasn't the best, but we talked about Darth Vader and Homer Simpson and how they were happy that they had fathers were better fathers than those two characters. The kids seems to appreciate their fathers doing the dishes more than anything else that came to mind. How cute, and funny, and fun.

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