Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lucky Me. Thankful Me.

(I love this picture.)
So I hurt my back a while ago and it flared up this past weekend and was in a lot of pain. I finally went to the Doc on Monday for some medicine, but yesterday sitting in my work chair killed me. Even after taking muscle relaxers I was in pain.
I am also extremely stubborn and want to do everything for myself, so on the phone at lunch I cried and insisted I would make dinner, and David said he could.
So last night when I got home D had to bags of groceries, and he made me a double batch of bean and cheese burritos and explained that he was making a lot so I wouldn't have to make lunch for the rest of the week or dinner even. He worked for about 1.5 hours while I feel asleep in my bed and laid on ice. It was a lovely meal. I insisted on cleaning up, but he said no, and then he spent time cleaning my kitchen. I took a pain pill and shortly feel asleep.
I am so thankful to have someone who loves me enough to take care of me when I need to be cared for. I feel so loved and so thankful that I have David. I am not trying to be sappy or anything, but being taken care of sure is awesome.
And, I think the back feels a bit better today because I got a lot of rest and didn't strain it last night.

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